About Desk Depot in Mountain View, CA

Store Front
Desk Depot is a family-owned business that first opened nearly 40 years ago. Since that time, we've built a reputation of always providing customers with fair prices and good quality products. Our services extend to all of Mountain View, CA, and the surrounding areas, and our staff consists of a father and son team and a back up crew. While our furniture products can be purchased by commercial and residential customers alike, our primary goal is to provide small startup businesses and home-based companies with all of the furniture and products they need to create a productive work environment.
As members of the Mountain View community, we want to help your business be as successful as possible, which is what we believe our products can do. Our furniture company utilizes both new and used products. If you request something that we don't immediately have, such as a unique size or color, we'll combine our used products and build the item to the exact specifications you require.
The new items we have on hand at our store come directly from furniture distributors. This allows us to get the product quickly. All of the manufacturers we buy from are reputable and respected. We understand that furniture businesses can't survive if they don't offer good prices, which is why we make sure that whether you're purchasing a new or used furniture item, our prices stay affordable and competitive. Come by our store today to get a closer look at all that we have to offer.
We combine colors and sizes together, build it, install it and get it done on time. We create from used products in stock. New items come quickly from distributors that stock products that are ready to be shipped. Custom orders from manufacturers are possible, though they require longer lead times to get special colors or sizes.