Used Furniture in Mountain View, CA

We offer a large amount of used furniture to account for all of your options. Whenever you visit our used furniture store, we'll assist you in selecting the piece that best fits your specifications at a very affordable price. If you have a small business that's just getting started, our used furniture may be ideal for you. Or for those trying to create a command center at home we have some creative ideas.
The used pieces we offer will need to be seen at the store before purchase so that you can be certain of the quality and comfort of each option. Although these pieces are used we carry a variety of quality levels to get a range price options. If you notice something you could use for your office or home-based business, such as used storage, don't wait until a later date to purchase as our inventory is sold quickly. However, we do offer a wish list that you can make use of, which will tell us what deals you're searching for. We'll also customize our used parts in order to fulfill your exact needs, which can be especially beneficial in creating used tables and used computer stations that meet your requirements.
See some of the types of current used furniture that is constantly changing by looking at the pictures below